Quick Reference Guide

Finding the right edition for Night of Silence has never been easier.


Night of Silence Home Edition is now available for immediate delivery. This new arrangement of Night of Silence, composed by Daniel Kantor, was produced specifically for the home musician and is perfect for when you’re gathered around the piano or guitar with a singer or two. Beautifully printed and sized for easy reading and sharing. 

For small ensembles

Perhaps you have a few voices, maybe a guitarist and/or a keyboard player. In this case, Kantor’s Original Octavo is ideal for you. It features unison voices. There are no harmonies to learn. This octavo also features guitar chord symbols and a relatively easy piano score. Unlike the Home Edition, this version's piano score does not double the melody but complements it with a bit more pianistic color. If all you have is a guitar, this original version also works well. Note, there is no notation for Silent Night in this edition, but it's never been needed. Who doesn't know how to sing Silent Night?

If you're interested in a string quartet parts (Violins I and II, Viola, Cello), this Original Octavo may also be paired with Kantor's beautiful string score, which also includes an oboe obligato. 

For average church choirs

What do we mean by average? Any choir that, on occasion, is willing to tackle simple harmony, SAB or even occasional SATB harmony fits this description. If this sounds like your choir, then the Mariyln Biery edition is worth a closer look. Why? Three reasons: First, the Biery edition has relatively easy SATB parts. Second, this arrangement includes an organ part. Marilyn Biery is a world-class organist, and this simple accompaniment was composed specifically for organists. And third, the Biery arrangement was composed to template directly over Kantor's Original Octavo. So if you'd like to also include the piano part from Kantors original octavo, or Kantor's string/instrument parts, they all pair seamlessly with this arrangement.

Another nice option for church choirs is the David Haas/Lori True edition. In this version, you’ll find beautiful, easy two-part harmony as well as the option of singing a verse in Spanish. Have a look at the score preview to see if this edition is a good fit for you. 

For advanced choirs

By advanced, we are referring to choirs with relatively strong SATB sections, each section being able to hold its own with confidence. Advanced choirs are also able to sing a cappella while holding pitch reasonably well.  

Advanced choirs would be well-served by the Biery arrangement (see above), which is easy to customize, verse by verse. And the SATB parts can be quickly learned, if not sight-read, by an experienced choir.

Advanced choirs would also be a good fit for the John Ferguson arrangement. Ferguson’s brilliant score was produced specifically for the famed “St. Olaf Christmas Festival.” When it was premiered, this arrangement was unveiled in its full glory: mass choirs with orchestra and keyboard. While the orchestral parts are gorgeous, this arrangement can also be performed with just choir and piano. Keep in mind this arrangement is through-composed and is a good fit for concert settings. It’s not as easy to customize this piece, verse by verse, to your own preferences as can be done with the other simpler arrangements. Voicing is for SATTBB, includes piano and/or organ accomp. Orchestra and instrument parts are optional.