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ADVENT REAWAKENED is an online resource dedicated to the season of Advent and its relevance to contemporary life. Advent challenges us to quiet our minds, to empty ourselves and make room for the new. It stands in direct contrast to the noise and frenzy of the holiday season. May this be a place where you experience renewal of Advent.

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This website also offers helpful information about Daniel Kantor's song Night of Silence, and an online store to purchase just the right edition. New Advent music will also be featured in the store.

adventus blog

Visit our blog where we feature guest authors, experts in theology, culture, music, art and help you get the most of the Advent season. 

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an advent reflection

In this video, Daniel Kantor and Fr. Jan Michael Joncas share insights about Advent and the spiritual role it plays in modern life. Come celebrate the darkness through which even a glimmer of light portends the exquisite beauty of real hope.


From the Adventus Blog


video part ii

A new video interview with Daniel Kantor and Fr. Jan Michael Joncas focuses on the genesis of the song Night of Silence and its relevance to the Advent season.

advent waiting

Fr. Jan Michael Joncas shares with us his approach to Advent waiting, an understanding that has gone through three distinct phases over the course of his life.

the advent rose

The symbol of the Advent rose is layered with meaning and tradition. Cultures from around the world celebrate this flower in rich and varied ways.

choices, choices...

finding the right arrangement 

The song Night of Silence is available in many editions. If you're not sure where to start, review our Quick Reference Guide in our blog.



Or, visit our online store for a complete selection, with clear descriptions of each arrangement.



night of silence, home edition

This 9x12 sheet-music-size edition is perfect for sitting around the piano with family and friends. 

"First we fast. Then we Feast"

— Advent proverb


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